Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Avatar: an uplink into nature

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In this age of technology, we are increasingly isolated from nature. As we sit here, behind our flat screens and laptops, we use Avatars to represent us in our 'virtual' lives. We uplink ourselves into the World Wide Web to lead a parallel life. A cold, barren, life. We have abandoned our physical selves to lead a parallel 'dream' life.
"They have killed their mother," said Neytiri. And she is right. As the human 'invaders' were leaving Pandora, they were hailed off as "returning to their dying world."
This narration in the final scene has sent shivers down my spine and brought tears to my eyes. Indeed, the whole movie has created insatiable yearning to reconnect with nature, a desire to weep over the lost rain forests and the extinct species everywhere.
This is really what sets Avatar apart from all other 'epic' movies set in parallel worlds. It is that poetic sweetness and romantic connection back to the 'roots'.
I could write an essay analyzing all the quest elements in the movie that could make my grade 12 English teacher proud! Avatar has definitely got something for everyone: the graphic lovers, the romance seekers, and even action fans. You can even view it as a literary masterpiece emblazoned with clever allegories and vivid symbols.
Bottom line: Don't miss it !!
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