Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Do I know you?"

Everybody is on Facebook now, even my own mama!
This has odd social ramifications that many people are yet to realize.

So you keep adding friends, sending gifts and exchanging superpokes, matching up with them on various quizzes--some not so innocent might I add!

But are they REALLY your friends?

Looking at the hypothetical situation where there is this person that you 'know' on facebook ,a friend of a friend of a friend.  You fertilize their crop on FarmVille, you are a 99% match on movie quizzes, you frequently engage in Vampire fights...etc.
You know their birthday, their work history, their relationship status and even where they spent their vacation!
And one day you see them in a party. What do you do? 
Do you just go:'Hiiiii!! it's me, u know, from facebook?!' or do you pretendthat you've never seen them before?

Awkward , isn't it?
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