Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Egypt The Land Of Unfortunate Events

I had promised myself at one point that I will try and keep my blog light and breezy. That is why I try to stay clear from all unfortunate events that strike us here in Egypt. Yet, I am overwhelmed. It just seems that Egypt is no longer the land of mysteries, nor even the land of the pharaohs. It is the land of 'crisis'—or azma in Arabic.

But I just can't stand this any longer! Our life here in Egypt is just a series of unfortunate events! One 'crisis' after another: the 'black cloud' crisis, the lack of bread crisis (aka tabour el eish ), and of course the all-time star azemet elzebala: the 'garbage crisis'. Honest to God, what decent nation, in the twenty-first—no heck, even in the twentieth Century—could have a full blown garbage disposal SCANDAL with rubbish lying around everywhere?

But never mind that, let sleeping dogs lie. The last of the unfortunate events is the diesel 'crisis' causing line-ups in front of gas stations, and creating ever-more increasing traffic jams!! As if we needed that here! This 'crisis' shortly followed the Butane distribution shortage—in fact that was only two weeks ago. Well, things aren't going so well in the Petroleum ministry then!! And, as usual, don't expect any explanations or answers from any officials. The scenario goes as follows:

1. The responsible authorities deny the existence of the problem.

2. The media does not stop howling about the non-existence problem, and they coin some catchy 'crisis' term to it.

3. The government newspapers urge the president to personally intervene.

4. The problem disappears into thin air, and no one ever gives an explanation as to why this happened in the first place.

5. Conspiracy theorists have the time of their lives coming up with potential causes.

6. People try to catch their breath, and of course, prepare for the next crisis!!!

Personally, I've just about had it! What about you?
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