Sunday, April 18, 2010

Meat Boycott Update

It's officialy THE hip-and-happening thing to boycott meat now in Egypt....
The Egyptian Consumer Protection agency,
the Giza Governorate ,
even the minister of agriculture are urging Egyptians to boycott meat.

Cattle breeders, farmers, and traders--along with butchers of course-- will have to do something about the prices if nobody buys meat from them, wouldn't they?

Meanwhile, what other creative culinary options are out there?

  • The un-creative options are fish and chicken--don't just give in to the urge to rely on these only, or their prices might soar!
  • Have Koshary once a week-- we'll call that 'Authentic Egyptian' day. 
  • Mac'n'Cheese will also provide a hefty serving of proteins (Macaroni and cheese is quite simple --and utterly delicious!)
  • Mexican-inspired day: cook some rice and eat it with a side of red kidney beans and salsa (chopped tomates, spring onions, green peppers). 
  • Sauteed mushrooms with pasta ('al funghi'), or served with potatoes and green beans. 
  • Lima beans with tomato sauce and rice. 
  • Yellow lentils cooked with spinach and rice. 
  • A nice warm Cheese souffle (also very elegant to serve).
  • Shakshouka -- if anyone needs to know what that is let me know, I'll give you my grandma's recipe!
  • fattet-hummus. Cook regular fatta but instead of meat on top, you add a scrumptuous mixture of hummus cooked with onions, cut-up tomatoes and tomato juice. Serve it with a side of tabouleh .
  • Mushroom and onion quiche with a large mixed salad.
You should take this opportunity to tantalize your taste buds with an array of dishes  from all over the world...
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