Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Guest Post by Aya Salaheldin: How It All Came into being

Hello everyone, for those of you who don't know me, my name is Aya Salaheldin and I am 16. 

Amira and I were working on an interview, but I hate answering questions... makes me feel like I'm on a test :-S 

And so the idea of a post came into being...

First, let me tell you about this website/blog. Amira has graciously agreed to host "the Battle for Ma'at" on her popular blog after we agreed to work on the book together. I do not have enough time, because of all the things that you'll find out about soon enough, to run a website full-time. AND I want to stay in the shadows. 

It would be dangerous if I were identified by the powers that be at this moment--the battle is still on and the struggle is full-fledged. 

I was a regular teen, until I realized that the world is far from what it seems. 

My account of the events that transpired in the week of  January 25th 2011 is presented in "Egypt: the Uprising." 

What is going on now, however, is an entirely different game-- you will hear about it soon... in time... when it is safe. 

Until then, stay strong my brethren(Amira is that a word? She nodded yes, great!) and remember: we, freedom fighters, shall eventually overcome. 

Disclaimer: this is a Character Interview (i.e an interview of a fictional character.)
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