Sunday, August 7, 2011

Turning A Blind Eye

Today I write not about Egypt the Uprising, or the Battle for Maat.  Although I am pretty sure that Ma'at, had she been truly here, would not have left this disastrous situation go unchecked.

Today I write to you about the spreading famine in Somalia.

Somalis  are dying--dying of hunger and thirst. While we, the whole world, sit there watching.
What wretched nations have we become that we do not even care enough about the plight of our fellow human beings? Where is Somalia on the news I ask? Where is the media?

Are only the latest of entertainment news or flamboyant rock stars worthy of our Television hours? What about  malnourished children with bellies swollen and lost dreams?

The World Food Programme (WFP), the largest humanitarian agency operating in Somalia, reports "serious shortage of food" due to "severe funding shortage." And this is a UN organization speaking. They were forced to stretch the dwindling food supplies and are urging nations and individuals alike to donate to save the lives of those struck by hunger.

Now what pains me the most is that the reaction of the so-called 'Muslim' nations.
Somalia is a muslim country. Why on earth aren't the Gulf countries chipping in big time with their Oil money? Why is Saudi Arabia paying no attention whatsoever to the Somali crisis?  What is their excuse? The king is too busy squandering his money on Ramadan feasts and beautiful maidens ?
Update: Ok, so the great King donated a measly $60 million and launched a "National Fundraising Campaign." Who is he raising the funds me! He sure is rich enough to support ALL Somalians for the next 10 years if he wanted to. 

Muslims everywhere are now observing the month of Ramadan, a month of austerity and piety according to Islamic tradition.

A month where muslims are instructed to refrain from food and drink from sunrise till sunset, to instill in them compassion and sympathy for the pains of the hungry and poor everywhere. Ignoring the draught and famine in Somalia beats the Ramadan spirit people.
Update: Awareness raised and everybody is donating in Egypt. Most local Mosques are holding donation campaigns... even the poor are donating! Aren't they just awesome. 

I would like to take this opportunity to remind fasting muslims everywhere of Surat Al Balad (the City)  where it states unequivocally that one of the surest ways to heaven is through "feeding the hungry in a day of famine."

Donate NOW!
"But what can we do?" Some people ask.
For starters, you can donate money to your favorite humanitarian organization offering help to Somalians.
I am including a few links at the end of this post but they are by no means an exhaustive list.
And before you dismiss this issue as something which does not concern you, please remember that what goes around most certainly comes around... global weather patterns change and before the new ice age sets on you have no idea who might get all their waters dried up.

UNICEF donations

Doctors Without Borders donations

Islamic Relief Organization  donations

Oxfam America    donations

And, if, for whatever reason, you cannot donate. Please do not forget them in prayers. Do not turn a blind eye to the misery in the world... remember them, at least in your heart.