Thursday, October 6, 2011

Remember Remember the Dead and dismembered

Dear Justice, 

I am writing to you today because I have been told that you are blind--and so I am helping you see. 

I understand it is easy to overlook the weak and to further forget the forgotten because, well, they neither bark nor bite. 

But to continue  ignoring blindly those in need --Lady justice, that is just too cruel...even for you. 

Sometimes I fear that you. Lady justice, do not like freedom. Not only do you take it away from those you deem  'wrong-doers,' but also you do not extend you grace to those who fight for it. 
Do you not think that freedom fighters deserve to be avenged and defended and taken care of?
Photo Credit: Hossam Haplas Facebook Account.

Maybe you do...but you are just too blind to see. So I bring to your attention Randa, a young nurse who was beaten into paralysis by the goons of a dictator and mistreated in the hospitals of his successor. 

Randa was tending the wounded on a fateful night in Tahrir square, oblivious to the fact that she will never walk again. She sutured a wound and for that a policeman decided to give her a beating that will alter her life for ever. 

February 2nd was the last day Randa walked on her own two feet. With a shattered spinal cord and an old rusty wheel chair, Randa suffers from medical neglect and psychological abuse at the hands of the staff of the rehabilitation center. 

Do you think she deserves that Lady justice? 
Do you think fallen heroes and those who lost the normalcy of their lives deserve no swift retribution?

I know you don't. I am sure you don't. 

So please Lady justice, I beg of you, please do something--or we will all be doomed. 

A troubled human.