Monday, February 27, 2012

My New Work from Home in Egypt Website

As evident by the title, I've started a new blog Work From Home in Egypt
(fair warning: it's in Arabic ;) )

I have been wanting to relay my experiences as work from home mom and as a work from home freelance writer for quite some time. This another side of me less glamorous albeit more practical that I feel can benefit many of the moms (or dads or students) looking to explore the lifestyle and look for hints.

I started it our in Arabic because there are no websites or blogs that offer help to Egyptian people in their native tongue, and many of them prefer to read information that way. If I could only help

The blog will discuss work from home opportunities in general, and writing in particular. It will also talk about bid sites, with a focus on the website I have most experience with: Odesk. So, the Odesk tips and hints will be quite extensive over time.

If you could benefit from the tips in Work From Home Blog or know someone that will please spread the love.
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