Sunday, March 4, 2012

Frustrated Ministry of Interior Wives Thank Effervescent Sex Kitten For Getting it Up

Shown below is one of Egypt's highly acclaimed sex kittens and "soft", in body as in performance, porn stars receiving a Certificate of recognition from the National Police Wives Association. 

Her most acclaimed song titled  "I gotta say it darlin' you ain't gettin' it up" is a master feminist piece where a woman, with a barely there nightgown, twists and churns as her husband fails to "get it up" and complains that "he can't do it no more" then embarks on a series of attempts to help get it up through x-rated Oohas and Aaahs and bottom wiggling worthy of the playboy mansion.

Apparently, her efforts were so wildly successful among the population of police officers, who perhaps were a tad too limp down there, that the Police Wives Association decided to award Marwa a certificate of "Achievement and gratitude"  for, and I am quoting here for "all her efforts in boosting the morale of police officers." HA! 

The accomplished singer is grinning in the picture below holding the quasi-official certificate in one hand and the Quran in the other. The Police Wives have apparently also given her the holy book because they want her safe and sound and protected from the notorious evil eye. After all, what would frustrated police wives do without her.

Marwa No-Last-Name and Recognition certificate from MOI frustrated wives
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